Giant Schnoodle Puppies for Sale in Ohio: The Giant Schnoodle is strong, robust, powerful, and has an endurable working potential. They are great watch and guard dogs and somewhat territorial. The Giant Schnauzer, from the Wurttenberg and Bavaria sections of Germany has a history of military work in WW I and present day police work. The Giant Schnoodle is energetic and athletic. This dependable dog has a reliable, even temperament. As with the smaller Schnoodle breeds, the Giant Schnoodle needs regular grooming, that includes frequent brushing. Kitty's babies should mature to about 60 pounds. Though these pup are not all that Giant - and may be considered a Standard Schnoodle puppies - they are indeed Giant Schnoodle puppies.


Kitty should go into heat in the spring.  Her pups will be $750. We are know taking reservations of $250 for our new litter, which will be refundable, if for some reaoosn she doens't have pups or a pup of the sex that you want.