Cockapoos, the Cocker Spaniel and Poodle mix, live about 15 years on the average. They are among the first Designer Pups to have been purposely bred, dating back to the 1950's. Their size range can vary, depending on the size of the parent Poodle and Cocker Spaniel. These pups are friendly, endearing, playful, and sweet-natured. They are happy, social and are very good with children and the elderly. They have a low to medium energy level, being easy-going, but playful. They will fetch, run, walk and play, but they also love lots of lap and snuggle time. Cockapoos are extremely intelligent and easy to train. They are low to no shedding, and smaller Cockapoos are well suitable for more confined dwellings such as apartments. These are puppies that are great with children. The Cockapoo should be brushed regularly to be kept free from matting and should be groomed every six weeks or eight weeks or so. 



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