Traveling With Your New Puppy


A small, plastic/vinyl sided crate with a handle can serve for travel and crate training. Line the crate with a washable, absorbable liner (old towels works well) and bring an extra liner in case the puppy gets car sick. A wet towel in a zip bag for cleaning up would also be a good idea. Our pups go home with a small baggie of food. Please bring the vitamin paste with you and some distilled or purified water with white corn syrup in it to replace carbohydrates. If your trip is more than 2-3 hours, you might want to bring a water bowl as well as a leash and harness for letting the pup relieve himself. It is not ideal to put a puppy down on the ground in a public place before he is fully vaccinated, but in this situation, it will be necessary. Just be sure to not allow him to have too much freedom while he is down to relieve himself