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You will not find a "Buy It Now" button on Sherry's Posh Pets. Nor will you find a PayPal or credit card link. We want first to get to know you and be sure that you and your potential puppy are a good fit. When we agree on a pup I will give you payment options. Below are question to consider when letting me know who you are. You may write me a paragraph or fill in the questions:


Please name which one of my puppies you are interested in:


What is your expectation of this puppy?


What is your expectation of me?


Are there other pets in the home?


Who are they and what are the expectations of the relationship between these animals ad the new puppy?


Are all of the adults in the household in approval of getting a puppy?


Tell me a little bit about the family structure the puppy will be going into. Number of people in the family: ages, roles, etc..?


Who would be caring for the puppy?


If there are children, how will you be training your children to handle the puppy?


Where would the puppy sleep and play?


How long might he be left alone on the average day?


What training preparations have you or will you take?


Will you agree to neuter/spay?


Have you ever considered a puppy or dog to be an accessory and what does that mean to you?


What is the worse trait(s) you can think of that a puppy would have and what would you do about it?


What behaviors would make you get rid of a puppy or dog?


Is there anything else you think I should know?

Please feel free to drop us a line!

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