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Adoption Agreement and Health Guarantee:

            I, Sherry J Reed, hereby guarantee that to the best of my knowledge, this puppy is free of diseases, congenital, and genetic defects unless otherwise noted on page four (4) of this agreement. I will not knowingly breed or sell puppies from parents that have a known hereditary deficiency. I further guarantee that an excessive effort is made to keep the puppy healthy and the living facilities clean. I guarantee your puppy for one (1) year after date of sale against any life threatening or significant quality of life altering, congenital or genetic birth defect. With a signed statement from a state licensed veterinarian (DVM) that your puppy does indeed have a life threatening or quality of life altering congenital or genetic defect, you will be entitled to financial coverage up to, but not to exceed, the price of the puppy. You may also choose to exchange your puppy or return your puppy for a full refund.  The veterinarians statement needs to be on his/her office stationery stating diagnosis, treatment, recommendation AND medical options, as well as prognosis for the chosen course of action. I also need to know if the condition is congenital, genetic, or if it is caused or aggravated by stress or trauma. Documentation must include laboratory verification of condition and all medical records, including initial well puppy check and fecal test.

This guarantee further covers coronavirus, parvovirus, and leptovirus, if found within the first (7) seven days after receiving your puppy. I reserve the right to decline this compensation if I have other pups from this litter and can document that those pups are free of the virus. Again, above mentioned documents must be presented for compensation. I again reserve the right to a second opinion at the buyer’s expense as well as an interpretation of the records and documentation from my vet. In the case that these viruses are found, I will pay medical expenses up to the cost of the puppy for the treatment, visits, and medication for the listed life threatening viruses.

In the highly unlikely event that death should occur, a necropsy must be performed and the report verified by my Veterinarian, along with before mentioned documents, to determine the cause of death. 

Please understand that this guarantee also does not include stress-related circumstances or the medical expenses incurred. The new owner needs to be aware that the change of environment may cause stress-related problems: coccidiosis (a protozoal parasite), tracheobronchitis (a relatively minor upper respiratory problem or “Kennel Cough”), hypoglycemia, stress related colitis, and dehydration. These things could be present when you adopt the puppy but lying dormant, or not be apparent before adoption and does not denote neglect or lack of care on the part of the seller. The stress of a new home can exacerbate these ailments. The new owner needs to be aware that it will be their responsibility to have a fecal test run, look for and be aware of symptoms, and to follow my direction precisely. All of the above are very treatable with medication and the new owner needs to be prepared to take responsibility for those expenses. However, if stress-related problems are ignored, secondary problems can become serious, even life-threatening – and more particularly in very tiny puppies. The owner needs to be aware of this possibility and the medical expense that might be incurred from the stress of the transition into a new home.   

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Puppies are biological creature. We bleach and sterilize daily but do not have a “no play no touch sterile” environment. Our pups thrive emotionally and enjoy playing on and eating off the ground. The adult dogs walk on and eat off the ground. Many parasite that won’t affect an adult dog because they have a stronger immune system will attack young puppies, particularly if that pup encounters stress – like going to a new home, change of food, vaccines etc... And though there is protocol for preventative treatment against most worms there is not a protocol for preventative against most parasites. Plus, not any de-wormer gets everything and certainly one dose doesn’t get everything. Therefore, we always have to “trouble shoot” worms and parasites. To expect that they never have these annoying creatures attack them is unreasonable. Loose stools might alert us that there were a parasite but there is no standard preventative protocol to insure that a parasite doesn’t enter their system. The stress of moving and going to a new home can cause a protozoa or egg – that we have no knowledge or sign of - to mature quickly and manifest itself into a parasite or worm. That will not necessarily happen frequently but it will occasionally happen and is not at all unusual. It doesn’t matter how much we clean, we cannot totally prevent this from happening any more than you can totally prevent a child from getting a cold, pen worms, or impetigo. That is why my contract does not cover parasites or worms.

The same principles apply to ear infections. Although it is rare that a pup of a young age has an ear infection because there is generally not enough time for the development of yeast, it is not altogether impossible especially in an older puppy. Ear infections are typically cause by yeast getting trapped in the ear. Yeast develops when the hair of the ears traps in moisture. If this happens it isn’t a sign of a lack of care. It is most likely a sign that the pup had a bath and water got trapped in the ear. Again, they are biological creature and you will not escape some of these thing, particularly in babies where their immune system is not totally developed.

Therefore, no cash refunds will be made under any circumstance for a non-life threatening or non-quality of life altering congenital or genetic defect, worms, parasites, or yeast infections etc... Please understand that you are not purchasing an inanimate commodity but are committing to a live physiological being that is subject to diseases and illnesses just as we are.

This guarantee is also based on the condition that your puppy has seen a Veterinarian within four (4 business days of receiving him/her or within 24 hours if the puppy is delivered. I reserve the right to a second opinion at the buyer’s expense as well as an interpretation of the records and documentations by my Veterinarian. I must be notified within 24 hours of the veterinarian’s findings and the puppy returned within 48 hours of findings or in the case that the puppy has been delivered, within seven days of findings. Return and transportation would be at the new owner’s expense.

Please understand that until your puppy is fully immunized, they are susceptible to the above diseases and others brought in on the feet, from other animals, carried by insects, at puppy parks and out in your yard. The cost for care of these diseases could well exceed the cost of your puppy, and the new owner needs to be prepared to accept responsibility for any expense over the price of your puppy.    

I will not knowingly sell a puppy with the following conditions without disclosure, but this guarantee does not cover cherry eye, allergies, inguinal, perineal, or diaphragmatic herniation, undescended testes, under-bite or over-bite, as they do not preclude the puppy from living an otherwise normal and healthy life as a pet. This guarantee does not cover heart murmur grades I or II, or other murmurs that repair themselves the first year or patella luxation grades I or II or ones which repair themselves in the first year as are simply issues that the baby is still developing.   

This guarantee is to the original owner only. Under no circumstance will a refund puppy be given if your puppy has not seen your vet within four business days, or not been kept up on the vet recommended vaccinations, boosters, and de-wormings, so please keep these records. Delivery of the returned puppy and pick-up of the replacement puppy is at the new owner’s expense. Again, I will not be responsible for any Veterinarian charges or fees in diagnosing or treating any illnesses, diseases, or genetic defects other than what is listed or above the cost of the puppy.  Neither will I honor, under any circumstance, ANY vet bills or accept documentation from Banfield and franchise veterinarian clinic or any affiliations, for any reason.

Please make sure this is the puppy you want before you make a deposit or pay for your puppy.  I cannot be responsible for family disputes over the puppy, how the temperament the puppy develops, training problems, etc. Though I am as helpful as possible to assist you in determining future unknowns such as size, weight, color, etc. of your puppy, it is important that you do your homework, because I can make no promises about these things, as nature is often unpredictable. I further do not guarantee the fertility or show quality of your puppy. Your puppy is guaranteed to be of at least pet quality and is being adopted as a companion. I do guarantee that your puppy will, in some way, be imperfect. This guarantee will be terminated if pup is deemed abused or the contract violated. 

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 The new owner agrees that the puppy will reside inside the home of the owner and not be chained, tied, or housed outside. The new owner agrees to properly socialize the puppy and make them a member of the family. The new owner agrees to provide quality food at the quantities as instructed, adequate exercise and follow their Veterinarian’s recommendations outside of what I require. Please keep in mind that MY requirements do supersede anyone else’s advice. The new owner agrees to protect the puppy from other animals, small children, and people who may not be responsible enough to treat the puppy gently. Trust your children with a new puppy to the extent that you would trust them with a new born baby. The new owner must understand that there will be expenses with their puppy and that they will be responsible for them, without exception other than that which is stated in this document.

New owner agrees to purchase one small bag of Life’s Abundance Premium Health Food for Puppies and Dogs AND one jar of Nu Vet Vitamins – within twenty-four (24) hours of purchasing your pup - for the Health Guarantee to be valid. Food should be ordered the day of receiving the puppy (or sooner if a reserve-deposit was made), giving  the puppy access to it at all times, and keep them on only that food (no treats, table food, grass, crayons, etc.) for at least the first seven (7) days. The new owner agrees to follow specific instructions on the accompanied slip (if any) in their go-home bag.

 Proper health care will extend the quality and longevity of your dog’s life. Not only should your puppy and dog be given a whole health food but their diet should be supplemented with the proper vitamins from either NuVet or Life’s abundance. Please note: if the new owner keeps the puppy on Life’s Abundance and NuVet vitamins, your Health Guarantee  will be extended from 0ne year to FIVE YEARS as long as your pup is on this food.

To help reduce stress, introduce them slowly to the house and the members of the household. Limit the time they are with strangers, children, and other animals. Limit stimulation to 15 minutes out of the hour where children are involved. Scrutinize the eating and drinking activities of your new puppy and look for runny feces and mucus or blood in the stools and consult your veterinarian immediately if any of these symptoms exists. Listen for raspy breathing, coughing, and sneezing. All of these things can be exacerbated by stress. Be aware of lethargy and listlessness. Call your vet and consider it a medical emergency and PLEASE call, text, or email me with any concerns. Sometimes I can give you an easy fix or assurance that will ease your mind.            

The new owner understands that it is common for pup’s appetites’ to drop when they transition to a new home. If they go long enough without eating or don’t eat enough for a period of time their carbohydrate level could fall to a dangerous level and they could have a hypoglycemia attack. It is therefore YOUR responsibility to see that they get enough carbohydrates.

Your puppy is weaned onto dry food that is moistened with an abundance of warm water and drizzled with light corn syrup. Although most pups are weaned onto completely dry food when they go to their new home, going back to a moist preparation for the first week could entice their appetite. Depending on the size of your pup, he/she could be sent home with a 3 cc syringe for white/light corn syrup, a can of soft food, and a quart of hard food – all carbohydrates. Please follow specific instructions on your slip in the go-home bag. The new owner promises to buy some white corn syrup and put some (1/8 cup per 1 cup water) in their water for the first week. Owners of smaller pups will be instructed to give a 3 cc syringe of white/light corn syrup three times a day for the first week as pup needs to have carbohydrates as well as water replenished frequently throughout the day. A good gauge is for every pound a pup is weighs, they should have some carbohydrates at that interval in hours. For example, a two pound pup should have carbohydrates every two hours; a three pound pup should have carbohydrates every three hours, etc. Every pup should eat no less than three times a day until they are at least six months old.  If they are eating well through the day they do not need to be feed at night. I will also be happy to coach you through other ideas if you are concerned about your puppy not eating.  The new owner agrees to offer distilled, purified, or reverse osmosis water upon arrival and continue on only distilled water for at least 3 days, then gradually mixing in your tap water so that they can get used to different water slowly.       

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The new owner promises to avoid pet stores, puppy parks, vacations, public grooming facilities, and visiting other animals and people outside the home until they are fully immunized. Avoid vacations and trips within the first month of bringing your puppy home. As stated before, the new owner agrees to take their puppy to a Veterinarian within four business days or one business day if the puppy is delivered. This is the page that your veterinarian will need for his/her records. The new owner agrees to have a complete fecal exam to check for any missed worms or parasites upon the first veterinarian visit. The new owner agrees not to allow any vaccinations, unless there is a medical emergency, for the first seven (7) days to reduce the chance of exacerbating stress related problems with your puppy. Please keep documentation of purchases, veterinarian visits, exams, diagnosis, etc… The new owner agrees to have their puppy spayed or neutered at their veterinarian’s discretion. Please understand that when you sign this agreement, you are agreeing to abide by all MY requirements in this contract and not doing so will release me from any and all responsibility now and in the future. By signing this agreement you are acknowledging that you ready and agree with my guarantee, limitation, and care instructions on previous pages.           

Please know that I am available for any questions or concerns in the future… and I love receiving pictures and notes!