Welcome to Sherry's Posh Pets. We specialize in Designer Puppies for sale in Ohio as well as Miniature Poodle Puppies. The pups are spoiled in our homes where our children share in the chores and lovin’ on the puppies. Check out our "Design-A-Pup" page on the left to see our available designer puppies for sale.


We got our first poodle 15 years ago when my children wanted a dog and was looking for one that didn't affect their allergies. We had so much fun with the pup that we considered hiring a stud and having a litter of our own, only to find out that for the price, we could buy another little boy. So we did, and our little venture built from there!


 I specialized in chocolate Miniature Poodles for sale in Ohio and had a very good champion line going back to San Gai and Callimont Kennels.   For many years, I had only three females and a little boy. These dogs were my pets as well as my passion. Although my pups primarily go to people for pets, I do sell a couple every year to dog breeders in Ohio, but only to in-home breeders.

A few years ago I gave my friend Carol her first male poodle, and she started breeding on the same scale as I. Later she bought a Cocker Spaniel and allowed her male to breed. The Cockapoo pups were a hit! Little by little we realized the advantages of "designer pups" and started selling hypoallergetic puppies for sale in Ohio. I was then introduced to an exciting variety of dogs that did not shed and puppy mixes that my children could tolerate. Thus, our passion for these new “Puppy-poos” was born. Since then, we added Yorkiepoos, Maltipoos, Bich Poos, Shih Poos, Schnoodles, Labradoodles, and Goldendoodles to our brood, and once in a while we step out of our box with the Morkie and Shorkie.

We choose our breeding dogs for health and personality. They are our pets. Our goal is not to breed champion or show quality puppies. Our desire is to produce a sweet tempered, loving personality to be companion dogs. However, several of our pups over the years - like our Schnoodles and Shih Poos - have been trained and used as service and therapy dogs, and we have become known for having therapy puppies for sale in Ohio.


We allow our girls to skip their first heat and every third heat thereafter. The pups are born in our home and wean in their – and mom’s - own timing. The pups need to be eight weeks old to leave, at least two pounds, and eating on their own. If they are of a very small breed or are nursing longer than usual, we may choose to keep them longer. This is most important with small ones like Yorkiepoos and Maltipoos.


I am a member of Breeder's Club, my "kennel" (it’s more of a nursery in my home, rather than an outside kennel) is licensed by the county, and I have regular inspections from the PSCA and a licensed DVM.

We raise our pups for temperament and personality, working on trust and responsiveness from an early age.  All pups come with at least their first vaccines, two de-wormings, care pack and instructions, and a two year written health guarantee with an option to extend that to three years.

All of our babies are well loved, pre-spoiled, and well socialized to people and other animals.  Our babies deserve good homes, so convince me that you will love your new little one.


So, who says you can’t buy love? 






We are proud to be honored and verified by United Online Breeders as a Designer Puppies breeder in Ohio.